Astara Technologies is based on the Kapiti Coast in  New Zealand.

We believe that applying appropriate clean technology solutions can be profitable for the environment and for business.

We work with a wide range of Renewable Energy technologies and companies covering a range of technologies, including photovoltaic power generation, solar thermal, hot water heat pump, waste to energy technology, and electric propulsion systems.

Electric propulsion systems are quiet, zero emission (when charged from a renewable generation source,), clean and safe. Latest Lithium technology means significant performance and weight saving advantages over traditional battery types.

Products such as our battery management system ,energy management systems and loggers have been developed to optimise performance of the latest generation of storage technologies used in mobile and stationary applications.

Industries that can benefit from using clean, emission free quiet and safe power systems include food production, viticulture, agriculture, eco-tourism, delivery vehicles, commuter transport, mining, marine and more.

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Members of:


Technologies we work with:

Small scale renewable energy systems including wind, Photovoltaics (P.V)  and micro hydro.

Energy recovery technologies.

Electric vehicles and propulsion systems.

Services we provide:

System Design & Integration.

Product Design & development.

Electric Vehicle Power & Drive Systems design and support.

Custom and prototype builds.

Consultancy services.

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